The Art of Yoga and Building a Website

Building this website is more challenging than I would have imagined and at points feels daunting, which is where the skills I’ve learned doing yoga come into play.StockSnap_KQWMZQ7W1C

If you’ve ever done yoga you know that it isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. If you haven’t, don’t think and just try it. Yoga forces you to be extremely present and with that awareness you develop an internal locus of control mindset.

When you’re in practice (yogi lingo for a session) all twisted up, muscles burning and with perspiration stinging your eyes, the instructor calmly tells you to “breathe through it. Relax. Smile.”

It is so empowering to realize that you can treat momentary discomfort as what it is—just a sensation.

My mind is constantly swirling with ideas for projects concerning the future of Gen Connect‘s content, collaborations and marketing which has the potential to produce a lot of anxiety (a signature habit shared among my generation as well as most people in modern society).

I’m so excited at the end of the day that I toss and turn an extra one to five hours with these ideas. However this isn’t entirely a bad thing. I honestly couldn’t tell you when was the last time I was this passionate about anything (click here to know what I’m talking about).

All this being said… yes, I can get frustrated in the process of building this website however I have the ability to not let it control me.

I share this post during Gen Connect‘s inception as well as to show others that this is by no means as easy or as “sexy” as others make it seem; I am by no means perfect, and struggle and frustration is a natural—and often necessary—part of the creative process.

Don’t shy away from projects that take effort because after all, think,

“if this were easy, would I be gaining anything from it?”

Let me know if you relate to anything mentioned in this post, and if so, what you have learned along the way.

Looking forward to the actualization of Gen Connect and the sharing, learning and connecting that will take place here!

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