Fitness: Sex, Guns, and Wealth.

Wealth: The amount of love in your life.

Guns: Those majestic lumps on your arms! (Or maybe under your skin… developing).

Sex: Well, that’s what it is actually. And a very important aspect of fitness indeed.

Let me preface this by saying it is not necessarily “healthy” to be overweight, and almost everyone – with very few exceptions – should be lifting weights or doing another form of exercise regularly. This is my opinion from a purely biological-wellbeing standpoint.


A “fit” bird that as adapted quite well to it’s environment.


Now… for some more fun with definitions.

I bet you don’t think of someone’s “degree of adaptation to their environment, determined by their genetic constitution” when you think of their level of fitness. But that is, by definition – as Darwin may have put it- what it is.

Nowadays, however, it’s taken on a slightly different meaning. One that resembles a mix between an infomercial for “all-new, unattainable promises(!)”, and a societal indication of self-worth and one’s value.

Business and the media do a wonderful job at exploiting natural human insecurities to drive profit—but we’re all aware of that already… right? (Oh boy, I’ll have to save this for another post).

Let us redefine “fitness”.

Being “fit” should mean that you are able to deal with challenges emotionally and physically. You help others around you, show gratitude and love for yourself, as well as everyone and everything in your life and, most importantly, continue to learn and grow from experiences.

Now that is adaptation. That is how being “fit” in the real world.

Spending two hours in the gym every day or punishing yourself with intense workouts is not fitness. All that’s doing for you is feeding your (already damaged) ego. Most likely, it is harming you physically and slowing your metabolism down too.


He can catch his dinner, but also defend his pack.

How much do the people you interact with like you? Are you adding to your community? Can you ejaculate normally? Or has too much porn screwed that up for you?

These too, are questions concerning fitness.

Doing anything fitness-related should be an opportunity to practice gratefulness.

When do we ever stop to think “Wow, I have both my legs, a working heart, and my eyesight”. Many people in this world don’t have the privilege of choosing to exercise due to either a physical incapacity or because they’re too busy working, only to have enough money to provide a meal for their family at the end of the day.


The rest of our lives are so comfortable. The least we can do is think of those less fortunate than us while we check-in to our climate-controlled boutique gyms, equipped with saunas, cryo chambers and every other amenity you can imagine.

Our level of fitness should not be measured by the thickness of skin-folds, a number on a scale, BMI reading, amount of followers on social media, how much you can bench, hours spent in the gym or by the number of lovers you’ve had. (Okay maybe that last one fits, but only by the standard definition).

From now on, let us think of fitness as the balance between our physical, emotional and social strengths. And let us measure it by our capacity to learn and grow from experiences.


Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts!

Let’s challenge our beliefs and grow together.

Let’s get fit!

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