Have more by wanting less

It’s interesting how when you let go of expectation things seem to turn out even better than you could have wished for.


Whenever something doesn’t come out as great as we expect, we create for ourselves an opportunity to be let down. By letting go of expectation all together and just being grateful, you will never be let down.

(Mmmm contentment…  feels damn good).


I can’t exactly explain it in any logical way, but when you let go of expectation and exchange it for gratitude, something truly amazing happens. Somehow you end up getting more than what you wanted. The effect is compounded!

Maybe if a physicist, sociologist and psychologist got together they could explain this phenomenon, but I can’t. (And don’t want to try).

Side note for my logical thinkers and skeptics: new scientific evidence on gratitude!


Because of the greatness of this little change though, I choose simply to put it into practice.

Try exchanging expectation for gratitude next time you’re in a situation where there’s any chance of being let down.

It may be easier said than done because—similarly to Buddhist monk’s aim of reaching enlightenment—to achieve this abundance, you cannot want it. Paradoxical in nature, I know. And I won’t try to explain it any further because I believe it genuinely must make sense for you, first.

This, is how you can have more by wanting less.

The purpose of Gen Connect is not for me to be able to selfishly put out content which I find interesting or simply voice my “thoughts”, but rather to share concepts or material that I’ve learned and that I feel might enrich my audience’s—your—lives.

If you got anything out of this or have suggestions for improvement, please leave your feedback and/or send me a message.

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