Woman Up

Ever heard of the phrase “man up”? This short post will not be about that. Rather, a set of skills ignored too frequently, yet which are vital to humankind and it’s prosperity.

woman up

We could all -speaking mostly to the men here- learn from woman.

I like the movement of feminism because it empowers women. Men have however, for most of history, been in power but have not been empowered.
Given, to say the male gender has been privileged throughout history would be an understatement.

We don’t even have to give birth or deal with excruciatingly painful ovulation cycles each month for heavens sake! (For humankind’s sake, actually).

But now more than ever I feel men need to learn the “softer” skills such as being true to oneself, expressing one’s feelings, and knowing what color sweater to wear to compliment one’s complexion.

This goes back to identity/ego and how what you do, how you dress and what your interests are does not define you, nor does it put you into a rigid category.

Wear some jewelry if you want to. Go to a spa. Take up knitting. Be yourself and don’t worry about how or what others will think of you.

Besides, everyone is too worried about what others are thinking of themselves to care to judge you—so take comfort in this little piece of our albeit selfish, psychology.

Maybe you’ll gain some fashion sense, maybe you’ll become a greater listener, lover, and human being. It is up to you.

C’mon and just Women Up!

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