Author Guide: A Di-Purposeful Post

Full disclosure…

One of the main purposes of Gen Connect is the publication and promotion of guest-author content—that means your opinion piece, essay, pictures, music or recipe etc).

I’ve been attempting to make the site more contributor-friendly; my vision was to have an entire page devoted to exhibiting each author’s picture, bio, and their work. (Keep in mind publishing anonymously is an option.) Unfortunately, however, this is—for the most part—Gen Connect’s setup. We’ll have to work with what we’ve got.

So let’s choose to learn from this potential set-back and give a middle finger to the voice of pessimism within us… This post serves as a reference for how to structure your own post for publishing. 


A picture of an almost unbearably adorable kitten—just for better SEO… of course.


Once you contact me via the “connect” page, Facebook or Instagram, I’ll add you to the site and voila! You are now apart of the Gen Connect community! You’ll also be able to draft your work directly on the site to make formatting easier

Use this page as a reference for how your finished post could look as well as how to structure your bio. And of course, I’ll be here to answer any and all of your questions.

Aren’t you excited!? I am. Could be the coffee, too…


Hey, my name is Reuben Loveszy. You can include a little bit about yourself here, such as where you’re from, what your passions, hobbies and interests are, or your favorite book or movie. (Or nothing at all.) This post makes clear my thoughts on perfectionism and how to prevent it from stopping you.

Last but not least: your Social Media/Website(s) go here.

This will allow your friends, family, and the friends you haven’t met yet, to get a taste of your work.

*Cracks knuckles* Let’s do this.

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