The Salty Swap: A Simple Strategy for Cravings.

This is a trick to keep blood-sugar under control and exponentially reduce cravings by making a simple, strategic substitution. Simple to follow and easy.

How does it work?

Instead of having a sweet treat, snack or meal, swap it out with something salty instead.

Sounds easy… too easy (!?) And even if I can do this, why would it help me reduce cravings and even lose bodyfat?

Ever not have sugar for a few days? I know, it sounds like a cruel punishment to yourself but anyone that has abstained from “the other white-powder” for a couple days or more know that you actually crave it less the less you have it.

The opposite is true as well however—the more you have it, the more you want it. This is known as a positive feedback loop and in nature is typically a less than favorable occurrence.

Now think back to the last time you had something with olives or something else incredibly salty. After that meal did you want anything more? Most likely not, except perhaps for a few cups of water. (If you do find yourself in that parched-like-a-desert-fish state, don’t go for anything else but water; nothing hydrates quite like H2oh is that so!?Ha… moving on.)

When you eat salty foods, you eventually just don’t want anymore. Voila! We are now in a negative-feedback loop—just be sure that your salty substitute isn’t also full of fat/oils. Negative feedback loops, unlike the “positive” ones (don’t be fooled by the name, they’re the bad ones!) have a beginning and an end. So that means no more compulsion to have that “last” cookie or scoop of ice-cream. Foods like these are magical, in the sense that each bite doesn’t take you closer to the satisfied “ah, I’m good” feeling at the end of a meal, but rather the spell binding “just one more!” similar to that of someone with a, uh… “powder problem”. These foods are hyper-palatablemeaning they hijack the pleasure and reward centers of the brain which make you able to just keep eating and eating independent of hunger and satiety.

I can say for myself and those that I’ve shared this strategy with that it has definitely helped to naturally reduce cravings and an overly confident appetite, but as the cliche goes, everyone’s different!—I mean, 0.05% different genetically, so it’s safe to assume this will work for you too ;).

Found this strategy helpful? Going to give it a shot? Let me know how it works out!

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